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Millions of people worldwide have enjoyed online casino games ever since brick-and-mortar casinos evolved. Technology has brought thousands of games with it, and we understand that this can be overwhelming! Luckily, the Casino Mag team has this go-to guide to get you started.

Here, you’ll learn how to play your favourite games with new strategies to improve your chances of winning. The Casino Mag go-to guide also includes helpful casino and game reviews, and if you want to stay updated on the latest casino news, no problem… Casino Mag has you covered!

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The Best Casino Games

The best online casinos have loads of games to choose from. This makes it easier to find the perfect match, but you must consider several aspects first.

The first is your level of experience. While more seasoned players may enjoy complex games like baccarat and poker, newbies can be more satisfied with simpler games like slots and scratch cards.

Online Slots

How do you play online slots? Launch your preferred game, make a wager, and hit the spin button. That’s all there is to it!

Video slots are among the best casino games for newbies. You don’t need to learn game rules or strategies, as they are games of chance. But if you want to test out a game, check out the demo-mode versions. Most online casinos offer this option.


Is playing roulette online the same as playing it in a land-based casino? The thrill is the same; the main difference is that some online roulette games use random number generators (RNGs) to determine how much you win. It ensures that game results are always fair and random, and not rigged by the casino.

We’re sure you’ll find an RNG roulette version you’ll enjoy… there are tons to choose from at most online casinos. 


How do you play blackjack in online casinos? 

Most blackjack varieties are either based on US or European rules.

While the former starts with face-down cards, the US rules games allow the dealer to peek at the hands before the round starts. After that, it’s all about outwitting those dealers and either hitting or sticking.


Baccarat is yet another game that you’ll find at online casinos, and there’s plenty to choose from.

In RNG Baccarat games, you follow the rules of a standard game. And just like in real-life situations, Punto Banco and Baccarat Banque are the most popular versions.  These are ideal card games to test your skills. You can also use common strategies, like the Martingale system.


No matter where you play, there will always be an intellectual aspect to poker. Playing against an RNG system doesn’t make the game less exciting.

And if you want to try different poker versions, you can head to a new table with just a few clicks.

And if you want to enjoy the human interaction aspect of poker, you’ll find live dealer versions and tournaments, too. 

Don't Forget Live Casino Games!

Camaraderie, competition, and reading opponents are vital aspects that you can only find in the live dealer section. The best part? You can enjoy all this from the comfort of your home.

Top casino software providers such as Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech power high-quality live streams that bring the brick-and-mortar casino experience to your screens. They also include a chat feature where you can talk to fellow players.

How do you play online casino games for real money at the live dealer tables? It’s very much the same as in land-based casinos. A dealer, or host, leads the game and you place bets like you normally would.

The only difference is that you’re still sitting at home or out somewhere and on your mobile. You place bets and make all other game-related decisions by clicking buttons on your screen. In addition, you play with virtual chips, and money is taken or added to your account total after every game round. 

The most popular live dealer games are blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker.

Start Playing Now!

Live Dealer Blackjack

Online live blackjack is a wild ride through the world of cards and casino excitement, right from your living room! The thrill of getting that perfect 21, the strategic decisions you make on each hand, and the friendly banter with your fellow gamblers make every session unforgettable.

There’s charm to the game in the anticipation of the next card, and the excitement of outsmarting the dealer. The social aspect lets you chat and connect with other players, turning it into a shared adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned card shark or just a newbie, online live blackjack offers an electrifying fusion of skill, strategy, and pure entertainment that’s bound to keep you on the edge of your seat!


Live Dealer Baccarat

Live dealer online Baccarat is an absolute blast for players seeking elegance and excitement from the comfort of their homes! Imagine yourself in a luxurious casino setting, sipping a virtual cocktail, and engaging in a battle of wits against the banker. The tension builds as you bet on Player, Banker, or Tie, while the live dealer guides you through the action.

Will you hit a natural 9 or pull off an impressive coup? The social interaction with other players adds a sense of community as you share tips and celebrate wins together. Live dealer Baccarat is all about sophistication, strategy, and the exhilaration of the unknown, making it a must-try casino experience for both beginners and seasoned players alike!

Live Dealer Poker

Live online casino poker is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that keeps players coming back for more! You’re sitting at home comfortably, yet you’re part of a high-stakes poker showdown with players from around the world.

The suspense of every card flip, the mind games with your opponents, and the rush of adrenaline, as you make strategic moves, are simply electrifying. The live dealer adds a touch of real casino glamour, dealing the cards with flair and interacting with you.

Plus, the social aspect allows you to chat with fellow players, creating a sense of camaraderie. Whether you’re a poker pro or just starting out, the live online casino poker experience is an exhilarating blend of skill, strategy, and pure excitement!

Live Dealer Roulette

Online casino live roulette is a whirlwind of excitement, combining the classic allure of roulette with the convenience of playing from your own space. It’s a thrilling game of chance and strategy as the live dealer spins the wheel, and you place your bets on red or black, odd or even, or your lucky number. The heart-pounding moment when the ball settles into a pocket, deciding your fate, is pure adrenaline.

The live dealer adds a touch of sophistication, making you feel like you’re in a real casino. Plus, the social interaction makes the online game even more realistic. Whether you’re a seasoned spinner or a newbie to the wheel, online live roulette offers an exciting blend of luck, strategy, and sheer enjoyment that’s impossible to resist!

Live Dealer Game Shows

Picture yourself as a contestant on your favourite game show, but with real cash prizes on the line!

These games are a whirlwind of entertainment, blending elements of classic casino games with the excitement of game-show-style challenges. Whether you’re spinning the colourful Monopoly wheel or trying to guess the next move in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, every moment is a rollercoaster of suspense.

The live dealers and hosts make it feel like you’re part of the show. Plus, the social interaction with fellow players adds to the engagement. From spinning the roulette wheel to collecting properties in Monopoly, these games offer a unique fusion of luck, strategy, and sheer fun, making them a must-try for anyone looking for a thrilling casino adventure with a TV twist!

FACT: The Best Games Come from the Best Providers

As you look for the most suitable games to play in an online casino, remember that the best ones come from the best providers. Contrary to common belief, online casinos are not responsible for the quality of specific games; they don’t create them; they only offer them.  So, here’s an overview of some of the great companies and minds behind the games you love:

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Real Money Online Casino Games: Tips And Tricks

Playing online casino games can be much easier if you have hot tips and tricks to guide you. Luckily for you, our Casino Mag experts have a handful of insights that will improve your online gambling sessions. As a newbie or an experienced player, always keep these in mind as you play online casino games:

Check Casino Licences

Playing on an unlicenced site is a big no-no when gambling online. Unregulated operators can change their terms and conditions at the drop of a hat without notification to create scenarios where they don’t have to honour withdrawal requests, for example. This is extremely rare though, and online casinos behaving like this are quickly weeded out.

Use Reliable Payment Methods

It’s super frustrating to wait a long time to receive your winnings or follow tedious processes to make withdrawals or deposits. We highly recommend ensuring that the payment methods listed are reliable before you join any online casino.

Read Experts' and Players' Casino Reviews

Before you join an online casino, it’s helpful to check how experts rate it. Our Casino Mag team does thorough casino reviews, which will help pick the best sites. Additionally, reading other players’ reviews will give you a first-hand account of the operator’s practices.

Plan Your Bankroll

Jumping into casino games without planning a bankroll strategy is a surefire way of running out of money. Before you make a deposit, set the amount you’ll use on each bet and your daily limits to avoid being sucked in by the action.

Learn All Game Versions

Although many table games may be based on the same principles, the gameplay and rules differ. Even the slightest variation can cost you the game if you aren’t careful. As you play a new version, we strongly recommend you review the game rules to get acquainted.

As you play your favourite online casino games, it helps to check the bonus offers available at the caisno. They can spare your bankroll as you explore the game lobbies.

Online Casino Bonus Offers

The best online casinos always have new offers or schemes. As a result, their promotions page is always buzzing. Most online casino bonuses are given as a percentage of your deposit or free spins to play selected video slots.

So, how do online casino bonuses work?

No Deposit Bonus

This offer is also issued to new players.
The significant difference that separates a no-deposit bonus from a welcome bonus is that you don’t have to deposit money to receive it.
It’s credited to your account immediately after you finish registration.

Welcome Bonus

This offer is made for new players and is mainly a percentage of the first deposit after enrolling. Sometimes online casinos also give free spins. In top online casinos, you can get welcome bonuses on your first deposit or up to the tenth time you find your account in highly rewarding sites.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are bonuses that follow welcome bonuses. Once a player has used up or claimed the first bonus a casino has to offer, they may be able to claim more, through the Reload Bonuses. Usually, though, reload bonuses are less attractive than Welcome Bonuses.

Online Safety while Playing Online Casinos

Ensuring online safety while playing in online casinos is paramount. We highly recommend that you play on a secure website for an excellent online gambling session. Below is what you should be looking for before you register your online casino account:

SSL Encryption

This ensures that only you and the casino can read your information. It prevents harm if your information falls into the hands of unsafe third parties.


Having a reliable licence means that the online casino is keeping to the highest standards possible. Check if the licence is current and up-to-date.

Game Fairness

When playing RNG games, it’s very important that they aren’t rigged. Certification from independent casino auditing firms, such as eCOGRA, makes sure that the games are fair.

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New amazing Casino Tech

New amazing Casino Tech

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Nevada Casino Robbery Followed by Suspect Shooting at Officer, Cops Reveal

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An online casino is a site where you can register an account, deposit money, play slots and table games, and withdraw your winnings. They are heavily regulated and licensed by government authorities in various jurisdictions.

Yes and no. It depends on what the rules are in the jurisdiction. Some casinos offer play in demo mode, while others don’t. It’s best to check the casino’s games section if this is something you want.

To place real money wagers on online casinos, you must create an account on your favourite site and then make deposits. When you play real money, online casino games, you can win real money prizes that you can withdraw through accepted payment options.

There’s a wide variety of games that you can play for real money in online casinos. The most popular are slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps. You can also find various specialty games, such as keno and video poker.

There is no one foolproof answer to this question. Winning online casino games relies on several factors. Your playing style, level of experience, and the game’s difficulty, all affect the outcomes.

The vast majority of the top online casinos are entirely fair and honest. There are regular site audits to ensure all games are fair. Additionally, well-known software providers always make fair games.