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Get Started with Magazine Poker

You’ve registered for your online casino account and are ready to start playing. Ahh, the beauty of being a novice poker player! Lots of positive vibes, enthusiasm and dare we say, a bit of uncertainty too? Don’t worry! It’s all-natural and part of the game. So, to help you declutter all of this we’re going to start spilling our tips. Here’s a quick 5-point rundown of what to expect when you start learning how to play poker online:



Don’t overthink! Play naturally, learn to get into the vibe of playing online and see what makes it different from playing in person.


Real Money

Remember that even if it doesn’t happen straight away, you can earn real money by playing poker online. Just don’t rush it! 



Get ready for some action! Online poker can be fast – faster than poker in-person – so be prepared to switch your tactics and strategies when you need to. You won’t get bored easily, that’s for sure!



Variety is the spice of life, they say. So, if you live by this mantra and want to use it in your poker games, we won’t stop you. You can go from playing Texas Hold’em to 7-Card Stud, or any other poker variation, from one table to the next. Just make sure you read up on each variation’s rules!



Finally, you can enjoy the comfort of playing from anywhere you like using any device. No dress code, no noise and no people to stress you out (if you don’t want any of that)… it’s just you and the game!

At this point, you might be asking yourself how realistic all of this is. Only pros and no cons! So, here’s one downside we can think of: forget about upping your poker face game! You won’t be seeing the other players and they won’t be seeing you, but we can guarantee that you’ll quickly get used to this.

Online Casino Poker Welcome Offers

Welcome offers are like a free sample at a supermarket- you test it, like it and make your purchase… or your first deposit, in the case of online casinos. 

When you register for your account, you’ll be greeted with welcome offer after welcome offer, all promising you the world; with teeny tiny T&Cs underneath, shrinking that world just a little bit. That shrunken world can still be filled with massive value if you set your expectations right, so we’re here to help you make more informed choices – after all, who doesn’t like a good offer and some extra cash?!

These are some of the most common offers we’ve come across over the years:


Match/Deposit Bonus: 

You’ll find this on almost every online poker site – you make your first deposit and get your bonus. Check if there’s a minimum limit you should deposit!

Example: 100% First Deposit Bonus up to £600 – Min. Deposit £20


No Deposit Bonus: 

Sounds simple, and it is! You register an account, claim the free money and play. No deposit is required!

Example: Up to £10 Welcome Bonus – Bonus Code: FREESPINS10


Reload Bonus:

If you’ve found the best online poker sites for you and plan on sticking around, these bonuses can be really helpful – when you reload your account by making a deposit, you get a bonus offer. 

Example: 100% up to £100 on the First, 50% on the next 9 Deposits


Referral Bonus:

Same as any other refer-a-friend concept, only your reward depends on how much this person spends on the online poker site.

Example: Refer a Friend for 200% up to £200 


Loyalty Bonus:

We all want to be recognised for our efforts, don’t we? Businesses know this and online poker sites are no strangers to rewarding their loyal players. Such rewards include getting cash/rake back, tickets to tournaments and points to buy snazzy new gizmos like PS5s and high-tech TVs from their store. 

Example: 300% Bonus + 300 Free Spins



From VIP Bonuses to free spins, these offers vary depending on the site you choose. Take your time, look around; some window shopping never hurt anyone… and just remember, the bigger bonus isn’t always the better one!

Example: Up to 25% cashback for VIP

Is Online Poker Safe?

Yes! Playing real money poker online can certainly be safe if you follow the guidelines we’ve given you so far. Here are a few more to keep in mind:

Check Site Infrastructure

Check the site infrastructure security, use a VPN and don’t forget about end to end encryption and authentication. Secure sites are safe sites and unsecure sites are risks!

Research Chosen Poker Sites

Look for genuine sites with real and positive reviews. Don’t shy away from some negative feedback as long as it’s not a deal breaker; it helps you see a clearer picture. 

Quick & Safe Withdrawals

You play for real money so you want access to that money as safely and as quickly as possible. Top poker sites offer safe options for payments and efficient withdrawal methods

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Online poker is when you play the game from behind a screen instead of face-to-face. Acing your poker face won’t be useful here but same as with poker in-person, you’ll need strategy sprinkled with a bit of luck to get a strong hand.

First you need to register for an account at a reputable online casino. Before you join a table make sure you know the basic rules, you’ve made your deposit and then you’re ready to go. The online features of your table will be different from one online casino to another. Take some time to familiarise yourself with them too. You don’t want to end up folding when you just wanted to call.

Yes. You need to be sure that the online casino you choose has all the licences required and it follows industry regulations. If it does, you’re safe because the game you’ve chosen is legal. This is one of the first things you should confirm, even before registering for an account.

No. When you play online poker at a reputable online casino you’ll be playing safely. These companies get their reputation because players feel safe and know that they’re not being played. Online casinos that are legitimate have a lot at stake and can’t risk rigging their games. We recommend looking at reviews (real not paid) from other gamblers so you’ll get some more peace of mind.

The easiest way is by using an online odds calculator. Don’t worry, though! You don’t have to be a maths pro, but understanding probability can really help!

You’ll find lots of online poker sites to choose from nowadays. So, the best one has to be a mixture of your preferences together with security and efficiency. You need to think about site security, payment methods, welcome bonuses and if you think the site is user-friendly. Another one not to miss is checking that the site is accessible in your country. Wouldn’t want you to read all about the great features an online casino has only to find that you don’t have access because of your current location!

They say that online poker takes an hour to learn and a lifetime to master. You can speed up the process a little though! Join a table where pros are playing and just watch how they play. You can also watch videos or read blogs or books if you prefer and practise what you notice in your next game. Some casinos also offer free online poker games… use them, learn from them and watch your strategy get better!

Yes, you can. We wouldn’t be spending our time playing online poker if this wasn’t possible. Check that their deposit and withdrawal systems match your expectations and you’re good to go.