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What is Casino Mag all about?

Welcome to Casino Mag, the #1 source for all things online casino! What’s on the cards for this site, you might ask? Our team of online gaming experts is all set to share its knowledge of all the games on offer. Be it the best strategies to employ while paying or the top bonuses and offers to be found at the best online casinos, we will make sure Casino Mag will be exciting and relevant to the interests of both new players and gambling veterans.

Our Mission

Our aim for Casino Mag is simple: to introduce readers to the fantastic world of online casinos by pointing out the best games and tables, not to mention find the most trusted online casinos and figure out what their bonuses are all about. And that’s not all, as our passionate team will also be sharing its knowledge through in-depth guides, playing strategies and tips that will satisfy the needs of players of all skill rankings. For more details regarding our process, check out our review process and editorial guidelines pages. 

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We’re always happy to hear from our readers, be it through comments or email. So by all means, get in touch to talk with us about:

  • Site enquiries
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Responsible Gaming 

Gambling is adult entertainment, meaning you should gamble responsibly. As such, we want to make sure our readers stay in control while playing. We have a dedicated Responsible Gambling page, and you can help yourself by contacting relevant help organisations, such as GambleAware.